Your online presence, jingle bells or brussels sprouts?

Online sales 2017

The old way of High Street shopping has changed with more consumers turning to their mobile devices to purchase online for their holiday presents.

The Office for National Statistics Internet access – households and individuals: 2017 report delivers some positive data concerning the UK’s online shopping habits.

ONS Online Sales 2017

According to more data from the ONS, online sales increased by 21.3% during 2016 and should reach 30% by 2017’s second half with 75% of those purchases being made on mobile devices compared with 37.9% in 2015.

Even before your possible customers have landed on your site they would have spent considerable time researching via reviews and ‘word of mouth’ recommendations using smartphones and tablets no matter if they are tucked up in bed or actually in your store.
A savvy shopper will also check if something is in stock, look for a communications channel – your telephone number or message bot – or simply check Google Maps for the easiest route before making the journey to your store.

When the 2016 Christmas sales figures were filed in January 2017, mobile sales were at a 42.3% level – creating a retail economy of around £8.8b – or $10.7b.

Economic analysts are predicting that by Christmas 2017, mobile purchases will account for over half of holiday spending.

So, as a business, are you prepared?
Well, there’s no doubt about it, you need to be because it seems evident that a comprehensively, mobile-friendly online presence is absolutely vital to ensure that your sales peak during this busy holiday season. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to move onto your website only to find that they have to scroll around just to read a product description, that the product shots are way too small or your checkout is just too clunky. And that’s where your competition comes in and wins the deal.

Your website needs to work seamlessly no matter what device it’s being accessed on.
For your customer to want to do online business with you, as the retailer you need to consider font sizes, resolution of images, the size of buttons across a variety of different sized phones and tablets and, most important that the whole shopping experience is enjoyable and quick.

Johnny Two-Sites
In years gone by, a company might have a rendered a full size website for desktop users and a separate mobile offering for mobile users – these days there’s no real reason to do this unless there are specific features that you might want to include on the mobile version, in which case you might want to consider an app BUT that’s another story for another day and, in the vast majority of cases, un-required.

After all, there’s nothing more annoying then when a customer swaps devices only to find some of the functions missing, especially if this breaks a sale!

If you haven’t already, you still have time to make this the year that you go mobile and the experienced team at at RicklerX are able to advise and help you do just that.

To find out how you can ensure your online store is ready for the any holiday rush and beyond, get in touch today.