How to keep your employees happy (and productive!)

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The correlation between happy employees and an increase in profit is no secret; the less stressed and concerned with their own wellbeing, the more likely your staff members are to focus on the task at hand. Ultimately, this can work wonders for your business, not only in terms of everyday productivity, but also with regards to consistency in customer service and retention. Here, we share five tips to cultivate a culture of happiness in your workspace.

Show that you care about their development
Happy employees need a good sense of long-term direction, and, ideally, you want them to plan this within the realms of your business. Be sure to set aside time for having regular discussions about their career, inspiring them by making them aware of any upcoming opportunities in their department (or wider workplace) that you think they might be suitable for.

Make the office a positive space
In addition to the basics – natural sunlight, adequate heating and air conditioning – something as simple as publicly announcing employee achievements can set the mood of a room. You could also consider offering your employees flexitime, surprising them with Chinese for lunch or other relationship building activities.

Be open
This one is crucial. In order to be happy and perform well, employees need to feel like they are part of something bigger. Be open and honest about the company’s big picture by sharing how you are doing, what your motivation is and even any long-term goals. (All things you can discuss with us at RicklerX.)

Be a good leader
Happy employees need to have a solid idea of business operations, meaning you must be clear from the outset on things such as lunch breaks, clocking in/out, or any other policy you might hold. For this, it might be useful to have an employee manual – a tangible document that clearly outlines your rules and regulations. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for employee ideas, as this will make them feel a sense of ownership and a desire for the company to perform better.

Remember to be human
Show your employees that you don’t just see them as a cog in your machine, and rather as human beings with lives outside the nine to five. Ask about their kids or how their weekend was, as this will make them feel valued on a personal level.

Finally, remember to ask for feedback, whether that be verbally or even through an employee satisfaction survey. By keeping your finger on the pulse, you’re more likely to be able to spot any issues before they occur.

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